Injection Bulkhead Pressure Testing Success

March 27, 2016

by bluShift Aerospace

Injection Bulkhead Pressure Testing Success

Before static ground tests can begin on our larger hybrid rocket engine we water pressure test each segment of the fuel and oxidizer system. Last night David and Sascha put the injection and ignition bulkhead we had designed and manufactured to the test. Sascha gave odds of 1 out of 1000 to David that the test would not leak on the first try, after experiencing a multitude of painful, leaky rounds of testing the oxidizer system with Shawn.  To our amazement on the very first try we successfully tested the bulkhead up to test conditions with an added margin with no leak outside of the feed hose line.

The test is performed by using a very high pressure hand water pump. Despite the photo above seems to indicate, when we do these tests we move ourselves and the hand pump behind heavy metal plating in case anything “pops”.

There was talk of buying a lottery ticket afterwards, but David and Sascha decided their luck had been used up for the evening.

Pressure testing of the entire oxidizer systems and bulkhead are up next.

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