Sascha Deri

August 12, 2018

by admin

Sascha Deri
  • Education:Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Southern Maine; Bachelor of Arts (1996) in Physics, Earlham College (1993)
  • Experience:Mr. Deri is a recognized expert and entrepreneur in the alternative and renewable energy sector.

    Prior to founding bluShift, Mr. Deri founded and is CEO of altE, a successful national renewable energy product distribution and light manufacturing company. Responsible for setting the company’s market and product development strategy, identifying opportunities, raising funds for development, connecting with advisors and consultants, and operations management. His 19 years of experience in starting, growing, leading, planning and operating a lean and profitable, $17M/year organization within a tight margin sector of the industry enables him to do the same with downward sizing cost challenges of running a team to develop a small launch vehicle.

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